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Nowadays, people start to feel a sense of anxiety when they couldn’t find their mobile. The reality is that, no matter what, all generations embrace digital life, thus they remain committed to innovations. With the great use of smartphones and other technologies, their accessories are in fact more important.

With the great use of smartphones and other technologies, their accessories are in fact more essential. PBOM Electronics is such a reliable source to get the best smartphone accessories in an affordable price. Based in Delhi, PBOM Electronics under its flagship brand White bird offers innovative products.

Incorporated in the year 2018, PBOM Electronics is catering to their buyers’ need by offering them mobile accessories at a cheaper price and that too without conceding on Warranty and quality. Not only mobile accessories, we are also dealing in Electronic components and services while contributing to the betterment of global scenario. We strive to offer our buyers an appropriate marketplace online with better discounts and offers.

We want PBOM to explore the territory of mysterious and keep on reinventing our potential for better future. Thus, we have introduced Indirect Purchase strategy, we wish to develop and expand products in our Electronics ranges. We are looking forward to achieve remarkable growth by debuting Indirect purchase option in the online marketplace.


To become a global brand and a market leader that is known for its innovative creations.” We want to become a beloved brand and for that we always bestow our team efforts towards inventiveness and improvement.


Our mission is to offer

  • Cost-effective,
  • High-quality,
  • Customer-oriented, and
  • Innovative products.

We are looking forward to explore new sections of innovation through Indirect Purchase method and latest technology.

Our Core values:






Welson Industrial Co . Ltd : Welson is one of the major market leader in

  • AC ceramic capacitors (Y type)
  • Low , mid & high voltage capacitors
  • Metal oxide Varistors ( 05D,07D,10D,20D,25D,32D,34D,40D)

Chiefcon Electronics: Chiefcon is one of the leading manufacturer in the field of :

  • X1,X2 type safety capacitor
  • Y1.Y2 type safety capacitor
  • Y2 type DC safety capacitor
  • Multiple X+Y type filters
  • High voltage ceremic capacitor DC.

A&F Electronics Co. Ltd. : A&F is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of

  • EMI Suppression filters
  • Chip inductors/ Coils
  • Hi – current power inductors

We offer our products for bulk supply to all over the globe. Make your own brand with us.

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