White Bird Power Bank by PBOM Electronics is made ideally for emergencies. Give your smartphone a fast charge and live carefree while you travel, drive or venture out.

They can be recharged using the normal USB sources like USB chargers. Roam around or go for a long trip without any worries of your smartphone getting dead. Have your own power bank now!

PBOM Power bank is the best click whether you are heading out of town or going for a long trip. This 10400 mAh power bank will go a long way having three USB Ports.

Unique Characteristics:

Name                   :      PBOM Electronics (OPC) Pvt. Ltd

Brand                   :      White Bird

Colour                  :      Black , White

Weight                 :      275 Gm

Height                 :      140 mm

Width                  :      65 mm

Length                :      23 mm

Material             :      ABS Plastic Leather Finish


  • Power Bank 10400 mAh .Lithium ion battery.
  • Fast charging.
  • 3 USB ports can support three devices at same time.
  • Inbuilt torch.
  • Digital display for displaying real time power storage & consumption.Input 5v/ 2.1 A, Output 5v/1A,USB 5V/2.1 A.Multiple circuit protection. Builtin fuse to protect your devices.
  • Made of fire retardant ABS plastic that gives strong & sturdy look.

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